Why Switch to Farm Fresh Milk?

by milkorindia

Owners not aggregators!

Do you know that even the largest milk brand and dairies do not produce milk themselves but actually collect them through various collection centres due to which there is a possibility of adulteration at every stage?

  • The farmers can inject the cows with banned chemicals to increase milk. These medicines are then passed on to milk you get.
  • The farmers can add adulterants in the fodder as well as in the collected milk – dirty pond water being most common.
  • During transportation of milk, the transporter can add adulterated milk.
  • At the collection centre, during pre-packaging or post-packaging, adulterant can be added.

Why you should switch?

Switching to farm fresh milk is great for your health and the health of your family.

Collection Milk

  • No assurance of Purity.
  • Mixed milk
  • No check on antibiotics.
  • Abundant use of hormones given to animal to increase productivity.
  • Use of chemical to preserve milk for long period.
  • No Control on the use of pesticides & fertilizes in fodder.

Farm Fresh milk

  • Complete Control on the process purest from of milk.
  • Only cow milk ,bred & milked under supervision at our farm.
  • Assurance of antibiotic free milk.
  • No hormonal injection.
  • Zero adulteration
  • Fodder grown at farm under strict supervision.

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