Why Cow Milk is The Best Kind of Milk There Is?

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Cow milk has been known to be superior amongst all kinds of milk since time immemorial across all Ayurveda literature.

Not only does cow milk deliver all the nutrients that is required of milk, it also has several other properties as describes in ancient Ayurveda.

These properties are-

1. Improves immunity

Cow milk is pro biotic, it helps develop and strengthen immunity. Cows that have been fed on healthy fodder, maintained in hygienic conditions (like all of ours), sustained in a stress free environment and whose produce is not artificially harvested produce healthy, organic milk, which when consumed will help boost immunity in individuals through their probiotic action.

2. Nourishes body tissues

Organic milk is choke full of nutrients like calcium, phosphorous and proteins that are essential in growth and maintenance of all body tissue and even the metabolism. Cow milk when mixed with certain herbs like haldi can also help with pain relief.

3. Natural aphrodisiac

Cow milk will also help strengthen your reproductive system, which in turn helps balance tapering hormone levels and set them right.

4. Rejuvenates

Cow milk is known to rejuvenate fatigue and help with energy levels in the body, what makes this possible is the high level of lactose in the milk. Lactose is only contraindicated in people who suffer from lactose intolerance. Apart from these people, even diabetics can consume lactose without affecting their blood sugar levels much.

In fact, cow’s milk is useful when you are trying to lose weight.

5. Boosts intelligence

Healthy, organic cow’s milk contains high volumes of omega fatty acids, which are basically for the brain what lubricants are for the engine, having cow’s milk regularly will help your neural tissue become healthier and better.

6. Boosts digestion

Having cow’s milk regularly will also help in peristalsis. Which is the regular motion of your intestines, you will suffer from digestive problems less as the food that you consume in now better processed.

7. Cools the body

There is nothing like a cold glass of cow milk on a hot summer afternoon. The milk not only satiates your thirst but also your hunger. Cold cow milk is also known to boost homeostasis, which is the regulation of your body temperature, better than cold water.

8. Useful for several conditions

Cow’s milk is also great for many conditions like tiredness, intoxication, dizziness, psychosis, excess thirst, excess hunger, cough and cold, end stage fever, bleeding disorders, the list is rather large.

9. Great for children

In ayurvedic scriptures, cow’s milk has been considered to be second only to mothers milk for the new born, and even though goat milk is an ideal replacement for new borns, cow’s milk plays a crucial role in bone and muscle formation in youngsters and adolescents.

Cow’s milk is the best kind of milk there is and Sahara pure is the best cow’s milk on the market right now.

What are you waiting for, change your milk today and get a healthy lifestyle for all your family with a sea of benefits to choose from.

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