The 5 Health Benefits of Farm Fresh Milk

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Farm fresh milk is a new concept in India. And we hope that it catches on soon seeing the current state of milk demand and supply chain that exists and the scope for adulteration that exists in the chain.

Did you know that 70% of all milk sold (loose or packaged, both) is adulterated at some point in the process of reaching your home.

Even the giants that claim to deliver the best, adulteration free milk to you fail to do so because of certain factors that are beyond their control. Farm fresh milk claims to be the best, adulteration free milk for one of these several benefits that it has to offer.

1. 100% Adulteration free

The problem with the current supply chain is that most retailers in the industry are aggregators, which means that they have no control over what that the cattle is treated. The kind of fodder that it is fed and even if the cattle is administered oxytocin injections to boost produce unnaturally. In short they have no control over the kind of adulteration that takes place to the point that they get hold of the milk, and the worst part is, they are not even responsible for it.

All these factors do not affect the bottom line for these giant firms that claim to have the best milk out there. All that these factors affect are your health.

But with Milkor, the best farm fresh milk out there you can rest assured that the milk that you get is from cows and not just any cattle. The cows that we have are maintained by the best Vets. Not just that, the fodder for the cattle is also grown on our sprawling 600 acre property, pesticide free. We also ensure that when a cow is sick and on antibiotics we do not use its milk at all.

2. High on nutrition

The milk that we get is from superior breed Holstein Friesian cattle (the best cattle in the world for dairy). The cattle is although bred with select Indian breeds to help acclimatization in the Indian climate. The result is a 70% Friesian and 30 % Indian breed.

The milk that you get when the right fodder meets the right cows is absolutely the purest and the best kind that there is.

3. Hygienic and healthy

We use an automated system that ensures that the milk that we collect is untouched by human hand till it gets to you (and it gets to you within 12 hours of extraction), thereby reducing the chance of human contamination to nil.

The milk is of course pasteurized and ready to consume straight from the packaging.

4. Great taste

When all these factors work for you together, you get the real taste of rich creamy milk. You might not even know what that tastes like yet.

5. Great health for your family

The only thing that Milkor assures for you and your family is great health, for now and forever.

Milk is the best source of essential nutrients like calcium and phosphorous, you need to consume healthy, nutrient rich milk in order to get the right nutrition. Make sure that you switch to Milkor and make the right decision for your family.

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