Zero-Adulteration Milk

Get Zero-Adulteration Milk in Gurgaon and South Delhi. The Purest & Healthiest Farm Fresh Cow Milk in India. Rs. 54/L. Book Now!

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The best milk around.

At Milkor, we do things differently. Our milk is better simply because only the highest quality resources have been used to get this milk to you. Get the better milk for your family today.


Zero Adulteration

  • Zero chemicals
  • No Hormonal Injections
  • Untouched by human hands
  • No Anti-Biotic Milk

The Healthiest Milk

  • We own the farm, cows and entire process.
  • Automated Milking Parlour
  • Untouched by water and air
  • Pasteurised milk

Our Happy Cows

  • Holstein Friesians (HF) Cows
  • Home Grown Fodder for Cows
  • 106 Acre Farm for Happy Cows

Upgrade to healthy milk!

Every day you consume milk that has been aggregated and comes from different cows, some healthy, some unhealthy. There is no quality check for that. At Milkor, we guarantee you, not only adulteration free milk, but milk that comes from only healthy cows and is antibiotic and pesticide free. This is what makes us different.

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