Is the milk that you buy really safe?

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The word is out! The milk that you drink is not safe at all. And we will tell you why.

The national Survey on milk adulteration in 2011 revealed that a whopping 70% of all milk found all across the nation (this includes the milk that you buy off the shelves at your nearest super mart) is adulterated to some degree or the other. Adulterants that can be potentially fatal in the long run.

The common adulterants that you can find in the milk that you buy right now are-

1. Detergents

You do not need a PhD in food and chemical toxicology to know that consuming detergents orally is a health hazard.

Detergents find their way into your milk for one of the two reasons, they either get there accidentally due to lack of sanitation protocols with the utensils that are used to handle the milk or they are added on purpose to increase the viscosity of the milk.

Either way, you end up paying the price, as prolonged consumption will lead to food poisoning and GIT disturbances.

2. Urea

Urea is a compound that is excreted by your body as a waste. It is excreted. You can imagine when your body is subjected to something that it actively tries to excrete in large volumes, regularly, your body will struggle to remove it. An excess build-up of urea in your body can lead to kidney failure.

3. Starch

Starch is usually added to prevent milk from curdling and while it is not explicitly harmful for your health, it is not what you bought the milk for.

4. Glucose

The natural sugar that adds flavour to milk is called lactose, addition of glucose to milk is done to add to its flavour, and this is not great news if you have a diabetic in your family.

5. Formalin

This is the same stuff that is used to preserve dead bodies’ folks, moreover, recent studies suggest that the comping might be a potential carcinogen.

This is added as a cheap preservative to the milk that you consume

6. Salts

Salts also add to the viscosity of the milk. And they are not great for you if you suffer from hypertension. They might even make you hypertensive.

7. Hydrogen peroxide

This is used to increase the shelf life of the milk that you consume. Commonly used in developing countries to preserve milk.

But continued consumption is associated with an increase in hear beat and cardiac arrhythmia, none of which a great sounding words when used in conjunction with your family health.

8. Caustic soda

Caustic soda is added to increase its viscosity and improve its appearance and texture. The short term effects of caustic soda are gastroenteritis. The long term effects are far more serious.

9. Oxytocin

Oxytocin is a hormone that is not added directly to milk per se. The hormone finds its way into your milk via the cattle that is injected with it to boost milk production. Side effects are, gynaecomastia, early puberty amongst girls and other hormonal imbalances.

10. Refined oil/ foreign fat

Used to boost the fat content of milk. Never healthy for people with cholesterol and heart diseases.

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