Benefits of Milkor Farm Fresh Curd

    1. Safety
      1. Our own farms, Our own Cows, & our own Milk.
      2. Not a drop of milk procured from outside.
      3. Wholesome culture of lactic acid bacteria.
      4. Hygienically coagulated and packaged.
    2. Purity
      1. No added preservatives.
      2. Anti-biotic and hormone free.
      3. Fodder for cows grown organically at our own farms.
    3. Nutrition
      1. Rich in calcium for strong bones & teeth.
      2. Rich in Zinc, magnesium, Vitamins, A, D, B-12 and E.
      3. Fight against heart disease, ulcer, blood pressure, etc.

Delight yourself with something that’s understand and truly tasty. With milkor paneer enjoy freshness in every bite.

Complete Traceability

Currently there is no way to track the cow or farmer that supplies the milk, whether the animal is sick or going through medication or what is fed to the animal. For the first time in India, you can trace the complete historical data of cows that are in milking.

      • Genetic History of the cow
      • Dietary & medicinal charts
      • Calving details

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