Benefits of Milkor Farm Fresh Cow Milk

  • Safest milk, no adulteration!
  • Largest dairy farm in this part of the world
  • Over 600 acres of land where only corn as fodder is grown, keeping in mind the nutritional content
  • Renowned nutritional experts’ monitoring the diet & health of cows, and in turn healthy milk
  • Anti-biotic free milk – We don’t use the milk from cows which are under  medication since these antibodies can be passed on in milk and are harmful to humans

Complete Traceability

Currently there is no way to track the cow or farmer that supplies the milk, whether the animal is sick or going through medication or what is fed to the animal. For the first time in India, you can trace the complete historical data of cows that are in milking.

  • Genetic History of the cow
  • Dietary & medicinal charts
  • Calving details

Key Benefits Milkor Farm Fresh Cow Slim Milk

Slim milk is great for people watching their diet and young adults.

The milk is actually more nutrient dense than farm fresh as it has 9.5% of Solid not fat particles which contribute significantly to its nutritional value. What’s more? You can have as much of the milk as you like because it has only 1.5% of fat. So why not get what is the best for your family today!

Nutritional Information:

1.5% Fat
9.5% SNF

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