Milk adulteration in India

According to various researches, milk is one of the most adulterated food products in India.Learn More

The purest milk and dahi

Our farm fresh milk and dahi are healthier and tastier than any other products in the market.Learn More

Our farm and processes

We have state of the art processes that deliver nothing but goodness of farm fresh milk.Learn More

Owners not aggregators!

We do not outsource our milk, we have our own cows that are reared on a 600 acre farm.Learn More

Why choose our products?

The 6 key benefits.

1. True Farm Fresh

We own the farm, the cows and the entire process.

2. Stress Free Cattle

Stressed cow=Bad milk

All our cows are HF (Holstein Friesian) which is originally a breed from North Holland (Dutch) & Germany. They are known as the world’s highest-production dairy animals. The Dutch breeders bred and oversaw the development of the breed with the goal of obtaining animals that could best use grass, the area’s most abundant resource. Over the centuries, the result was a high-producing, black-and-white dairy cow.

Since these cows belong primarily to countries with cold temperatures, they are bred with Indian species like Sahiwal, Geer etc to increase their resistance and immunity to Indian temperatures and diseases. The result is a breed which is 70% HF and 30% Indian breed. Interesting right!!

3. No antibiotic Milk

Cows get sick too. We ensure that the milk from cows under medication is not used in our product.

4. Home grown fodder

Milk contains properties of cows eat. That’s why we ensure that the fodder is grown in-house under strict supervision and with organic compost, selected seeds and monitored use of approved seeds weed-e-sides.

5. Automated Milking

At-times air and human interference can be a source of contamination. That’s why we ensure that the milk is taken out through automated process with no exposure to air or human touch.

6. Animal Health & Nutrition

Healthy animals are vital to healthy milk. Our team of renowned nutritionists make sure that the cows are fed with proper and balanced nutrition. It is defined by-

TMR (Total Mixed Ration)

Scientifically calculated formulation to ascertain best nutrition required for cows. It comprises of- 


  • Green fodder (crops), home grown in our 600 acres of farms across 4 cities
  • High protein crops like oats and corn- grown under strict supervision of agri specialists 

Protein Mix-

  • A protein mix from grains like soyabean, cotton seed etc
  • High in protein and carbohydrate, ensuring proper nutrition to cows

Formulation derived by renowned international animal nutritionists

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